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News from the Erwin L. Hahn Institute

Erwin L. Hahn lecture 2014

We would like to thank all the speakers, in particular Prof. Dr. Arend Heerschap for his great lecture on "MR spectroscopy: from insight to impact", who all made yesterday's Erwin L. Hahn Spectroscopy Workshop and the Erwin L. Hahn lecture 2014 a successful event full of interesting research results and scientific exchange. Also, we would like to thank all people in the background who organized th [MORE]

Congratulations Stephan!

During the Erwin L. Hahn lecture 2014 Dr. Stephan Orzada has been awarded with the Erwin L Hahn Institute award for young scientists for his Ph.D. thesis "New Excitation Concepts for Ultra-High-Field Human MRI" published in 2013.

Invitation to the 8th Hahn Lecture and Spectroscopy Workshop

This year’s Erwin L. Hahn Lecture will be given by Professor Arend Heerschap of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, UMC Nijmegen. Professor Arend Heerschap is well known for his work on both proton and carbon spectroscopy, and in particular for their use in oncology. The Erwin L. Hahn Lecture will be held in conjunction with a complementary workshop examining the latest development [MORE]

Neue Adresse

Jetzt ist es offiziell, wir haben eine neue Adresse: Kokereiallee 7.
  Arendahls Wiese 199 und auch Heinrich-Imig-Straße 9 gelten nicht mehr.

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