Annika Brandtner

MSc. Annika Brandtner



Veröffentlichungen (3)

  • Brandtner A, E Wegmann, M Brand, Desire thinking promotes decisions to game: The mediating role between gaming urges and everyday decision-making in recreational gamers., Addictive behaviors reports (2020)
  • Brandtner A, J Pekal, M Brand, Investigating properties of imagery-induced flash-forwards and the effect of eye movements on the experience of desire and craving in gamers., Addictive behaviors (2020)
  • Liebherr M, S Schweig, A Brandtner, H Averbeck, N Maas, D Schramm, M Brand, When virtuality becomes real: Relevance of mental abilities and age in simulator adaptation and dropouts., Ergonomics (2020)
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