Magnus Liebherr

Dr. Magnus Liebherr

wiss. Mitarbeiter

Telefon: +49 203 379-2251

Veröffentlichungen (3)

  • Liebherr M, S Schweig, A Brandtner, H Averbeck, N Maas, D Schramm, M Brand, When virtuality becomes real: Relevance of mental abilities and age in simulator adaptation and dropouts., Ergonomics (2020)
  • Singh V, J Schiebener, SM Müller, M Liebherr, M Brand, MT Buelow, Country and Sex Differences in Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk., Frontiers in psychology (2020)
  • Liebherr M, S Antons, M Brand, The SwAD-Task - An Innovative Paradigm for Measuring Costs of Switching Between Different Attentional Demands., Frontiers in psychology (2019)
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