Stephanie Antons

Stephanie Antons, PhD


Phone: +49 203 379 2251

Publications (7)

  • Antons S, M Brand, MN Potenza, Neurobiology of cue-reactivity, craving, and inhibitory control in non-substance addictive behaviors., Journal of the neurological sciences (2020)
  • Antons S, B Matthius, Inhibitory control and problematic Internet-pornography use - The important balancing role of the insula., Journal of behavioral addictions (2020)
  • Antons S, SM Mueller, E Wegmann, P Trotzke, MM Schulte, M Brand, Facets of impulsivity and related aspects differentiate among recreational and unregulated use of Internet pornography., Journal of behavioral addictions (2019)
  • Liebherr M, S Antons, M Brand, The SwAD-Task - An Innovative Paradigm for Measuring Costs of Switching Between Different Attentional Demands., Frontiers in psychology (2019)
  • Brand M, S Antons, E Wegmann, MN Potenza, Theoretical Assumptions on Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence and Mechanisms of Addictive or Compulsive Use of Pornography: Are the Two "Conditions" as Theoretically Distinct as Suggested?, Archives of sexual behavior (2018)
  • Starcke K, S Antons, P Trotzke, M Brand, Cue-reactivity in behavioral addictions: A meta-analysis and methodological considerations., Journal of behavioral addictions (2018)
  • Antons S, M Brand, Trait and state impulsivity in males with tendency towards Internet-pornography-use disorder., Addictive behaviors (2018)
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