Viktor Pfaffenrot

Viktor Pfaffenrot, MSc.

PhD student

Room: OG 0.14
Phone: +49 201 183-6080

Publications (5)

  • Pfaffenrot V, MN Voelker, S Kashyap, PJ Koopmans, Laminar fMRI using T2-prepared multi-echo FLASH., NeuroImage (2021)
  • Koopmans PJ, V Pfaffenrot, Enhanced POCS reconstruction for partial Fourier imaging in multi-echo and time-series acquisitions., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2020)
  • Pfaffenrot V, S Brunheim, SHG Rietsch, PJ Koopmans, TM Ernst, O Kraff, S Orzada, HH Quick, An 8/15-channel Tx/Rx head neck RF coil combination with region-specific B1+ shimming for whole-brain MRI focused on the cerebellum at 7T., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2018)
  • Rietsch SHG, V Pfaffenrot, AK Bitz, S Orzada, S Brunheim, A Lazik-Palm, JM Theysohn, ME Ladd, HH Quick, O Kraff, An 8-channel transceiver 7-channel receive RF coil setup for high SNR ultrahigh-field MRI of the shoulder at 7T., Medical physics (2017)
  • Brunheim S, S Johst, V Pfaffenrot, S Maderwald, HH Quick, BA Poser, Variable slice thickness (VAST) EPI for the reduction of susceptibility artifacts in whole-brain GE-EPI at 7 Tesla., Magma (New York, N.Y.) (2017)
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