Bart Philips

Bart Philips, MSc.



Publications (4)

  • Rietsch SHG, S Orzada, S Maderwald, S Brunheim, BWJ Philips, TWJ Scheenen, ME Ladd, HH Quick, 7T ultra-high field body MR imaging with an 8-channel transmit/32-channel receive radiofrequency coil array., Medical physics (2018)
  • Lagemaat MW, BWJ Philips, EK Vos, MJv Uden, JJ Fütterer, SF Jenniskens, TWJ Scheenen, MC Maas, Feasibility of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate at 7 T., Investigative radiology (2016)
  • Philips BWJ, AS Fortuin, S Orzada, TWJ Scheenen, MC Maas, High resolution MR imaging of pelvic lymph nodes at 7 Tesla., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2016)
  • Steinseifer IK, BWJ Philips, B Gagoski, E Weiland, TWJ Scheenen, A Heerschap, Flexible proton 3D MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate with low-power adiabatic pulses for volume selection and spiral readout., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2016)
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