Indira Tendolkar

Prof. Indira Tendolkar, MD

Senior Scientist


Publications (7)

  • Thielen J, S Gancheva, D Hong, SR Rankouhi, B Chen, M Apostolopoulou, E Anadol-Schmitz, M Roden, DG Norris, I Tendolkar, Higher GABA concentration in the medial prefrontal cortex of Type 2 diabetes patients is associated with episodic memory dysfunction., Human brain mapping (2019)
  • Thielen J, D Hong, SR Rankouhi, J Wiltfang, G Fernández, DG Norris, I Tendolkar, The increase in medial prefrontal glutamate/glutamine concentration during memory encoding is associated with better memory performance and stronger functional connectivity in the human medial prefrontal-thalamus-hippocampus network., Human brain mapping (2018)
  • Thielen J, C Kärgel, BW Müller, I Rasche, J Genius, B Bus, S Maderwald, DG Norris, J Wiltfang, I Tendolkar, Aerobic Activity in the Healthy Elderly Is Associated with Larger Plasticity in Memory Related Brain Structures and Lower Systemic Inflammation., Frontiers in aging neuroscience (2016)
  • Thielen J, A Takashima, F Rutters, I Tendolkar, G Fernández, Transient relay function of midline thalamic nuclei during long-term memory consolidation in humans., Learning & memory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) (2015)
  • Uden Iv, A Tuladhar, Kd Laat, Av Norden, DG Norris, Ev Dijk, I Tendolkar, Fd Leeuw, White Matter Integrity and Depressive Symptoms in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: The RUN DMC Study., The American journal of geriatric psychiatry : official journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (2014)
  • Theysohn N, S Qin, S Maderwald, B Poser, J Theysohn, ME Ladd, DG Norris, E Gizewski, G Fernandez, I Tendolkar, Memory-Related Hippocampal Activity Can Be Measured Robustly Using fMRI at 7 Tesla., Journal of neuroimaging : official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging (2013)
  • Norden Av, Kd Laat, R Gons, Iv Uden, Ev Dijk, Lv Oudheusden, R Esselink, B Bloem, Bv Engelen, M Zwarts, I Tendolkar, M Olde-Rikkert, Mvd Vlugt, M Zwiers, DG Norris, Fd Leeuw, Causes and consequences of cerebral small vessel disease. The RUN DMC study: a prospective cohort study. Study rationale and protocol, BMC neurology (2011)
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