Maximilian Völker

Maximilian Völker, Dipl. Ing.


Room: OG 0.19
Phone: +49 201 183-6066

Publications (9)

  • Rietsch SHG, S Brunheim, S Orzada, MN Voelker, S Maderwald, AK Bitz, M Gratz, ME Ladd, HH Quick, Development and evaluation of a 16-channel receive-only RF coil to improve 7T ultra-high field body MRI with focus on the spine., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2019)
  • Orzada S, A Bitz, S Johst, M Gratz, M Völker, O Kraff, A Abuelhaija, T Fiedler, K Solbach, H Quick, M Ladd, Analysis of an integrated 8-Channel Tx/Rx body array for use as a body coil in 7-Tesla MRI, Frontiers in Physics (2017)
  • Voelker MN, O Kraff, D Brenner, A Wollrab, O Weinberger, MC Berger, S Robinson, W Bogner, C Wiggins, R Trampel, T Stöcker, T Niendorf, HH Quick, DG Norris, ME Ladd, O Speck, The traveling heads: multicenter brain imaging at 7 Tesla., Magma (New York, N.Y.) (2016)
  • Grimpo K, MN Völker, EN Heppe, S Braun, JT Heverhagen, G Heldmaier, Brown adipose tissue dynamics in wild-type and UCP1-knockout mice: in vivo insights with magnetic resonance., Journal of lipid research (2014)
  • Dietze J, C Böcking, JT Heverhagen, MN Voelker, H Renz, Obesity lowers the threshold of allergic sensitization and augments airway eosinophilia in a mouse model of asthma., Allergy (2012)
  • Schofer MD, L Tünnermann, H Kaiser, PP Roessler, C Theisen, JT Heverhagen, J Hering, M Voelker, S Agarwal, T Efe, S Fuchs-Winkelmann, JRJ Paletta, Functionalisation of PLLA nanofiber scaffolds using a possible cooperative effect between collagen type I and BMP-2: impact on colonization and bone formation in vivo., Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine (2012)
  • Teepker M, K Menzler, M Belke, JT Heverhagen, M Voelker, V Mylius, WH Oertel, F Rosenow, S Knake, Diffusion tensor imaging in episodic cluster headache., Headache (2012)
  • Pathe C, K Eble, D Schmitz-Beuting, B Keil, B Kaestner, M Voelker, B Kleb, KJ Klose, JT Heverhagen, The presence of iodinated contrast agents amplifies DNA radiation damage in computed tomography., Contrast media & molecular imaging (2011)
  • Schofer MD, PP Roessler, J Schaefer, C Theisen, S Schlimme, JT Heverhagen, M Voelker, R Dersch, S Agarwal, S Fuchs-Winkelmann, JRJ Paletta, Electrospun PLLA nanofiber scaffolds and their use in combination with BMP-2 for reconstruction of bone defects., PloS one (2011)
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