Silke Müller

Silke M. Müller, PhD


Phone: +49 203 379-2253

Publications (16)

  • Müller SM, E Wegmann, A Oelker, R Stark, A Müller, C Montag, K Wölfling, H Rumpf, M Brand, Assessment of Criteria for Specific Internet-use Disorders (ACSID-11): Introduction of a new screening instrument capturing ICD-11 criteria for gaming disorder and other potential Internet-use disorders., Journal of behavioral addictions (2022)
  • Müller SM, J Schiebener, M Brand, M Liebherr, Decision-making, cognitive functions, impulsivity, and media multitasking expectancies in high versus low media multitaskers., Cognitive processing (2021)
  • Müller SM, E Wegmann, MG Arias, EB Brotóns, CM Giráldez, M Brand, Deficits in executive functions but not in decision making under risk in individuals with problematic social-network use., Comprehensive psychiatry (2021)
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  • Singh V, J Schiebener, SM Müller, M Liebherr, M Brand, MT Buelow, Country and Sex Differences in Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk., Frontiers in psychology (2020)
  • Ostendorf S, SM Müller, M Brand, Neglecting Long-Term Risks: Self-Disclosure on Social Media and Its Relation to Individual Decision-Making Tendencies and Problematic Social-Networks-Use., Frontiers in psychology (2020)
  • Mueller SM, MG Arias, GM Vázquez, J Schiebener, M Brand, E Wegmann, Decision support in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease., Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology (2019)
  • Antons S, SM Mueller, E Wegmann, P Trotzke, MM Schulte, M Brand, Facets of impulsivity and related aspects differentiate among recreational and unregulated use of Internet pornography., Journal of behavioral addictions (2019)
  • Grüneboom A, I Hawwari, D Weidner, S Culemann, S Müller, S Henneberg, A Brenzel, S Merz, L Bornemann, K Zec, M Wuelling, L Kling, M Hasenberg, S Voortmann, S Lang, W Baum, A Ohs, O Kraff, HH Quick, M Jäger, A network of trans-cortical capillaries as mainstay for blood circulation in long bones., Nature metabolism (2019)
  • Mueller SM, J Schiebener, M Delazer, M Brand, Risk approximation in decision making: approximative numeric abilities predict advantageous decisions under objective risk., Cognitive processing (2018)
  • Mueller SM, M Brand, Approximate Number Processing Skills Contribute to Decision Making Under Objective Risk: Interactions With Executive Functions and Objective Numeracy., Frontiers in psychology (2018)
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  • Müller SM, J Schiebener, G Stöckigt, M Brand, Short- and long-term consequences in decision making under risk: Immediate feedback about long-term prospects benefits people tending to impulsive processing, Journal of Cognitive Psychology (2017)
  • Beyer T, M Weigert, HH Quick, U Pietrzyk, F Vogt, C Palm, G Antoch, SP Müller, A Bockisch, MR-based attenuation correction for torso-PET/MR imaging: pitfalls in mapping MR to CT data., European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (2008)
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