Marcel Gratz

Marcel Gratz, PhD


Room: OG 0.18
Phone: +49 201 183-6062

About me

  • Representative for information, communication and media (IKM) for the ELH
  • First aider


  • Scientific Computing
  • Novel MR methods
  • MR Imaging
  • Visualization and Image Processing
  • Networks and IT Safety
  • Full-Stack Software and Web Development
  • Machine Learning


2012 - currentUniversity of Duisburg-Essen (PostDoc)
2002 - 2012University of Leipzig (studies and PhD)
2001 - 2002Civil Service
1999 - 2001High School

Publications (28)

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  • Gratz M, V Ruhlmann, L Umutlu, M Fenchel, I Hong, HH Quick, Impact of respiratory motion correction on lesion visibility and quantification in thoracic PET/MR imaging., PloS one (2020)
  • Haubold J, A Demircioglu, M Gratz, M Glas, K Wrede, U Sure, G Antoch, K Keyvani, M Nittka, S Kannengiesser, V Gulani, M Griswold, K Herrmann, M Forsting, F Nensa, L Umutlu, Non-invasive tumor decoding and phenotyping of cerebral gliomas utilizing multiparametric 18F-FET PET-MRI and MR Fingerprinting., European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (2019)
  • Orzada S, K Solbach, M Gratz, S Brunheim, TM Fiedler, S Johst, AK Bitz, S Shooshtary, A Abuelhaija, MN Voelker, SHG Rietsch, O Kraff, S Maderwald, M Flöser, M Oehmigen, HH Quick, ME Ladd, A 32-channel parallel transmit system add-on for 7T MRI., PloS one (2019)
  • Körzdörfer G, R Kirsch, K Liu, J Pfeuffer, B Hensel, Y Jiang, D Ma, M Gratz, P Bär, W Bogner, E Springer, PL Cardoso, L Umutlu, S Trattnig, M Griswold, V Gulani, M Nittka, Reproducibility and Repeatability of MR Fingerprinting Relaxometry in the Human Brain., Radiology (2019)
  • Ernst TM, AE Brol, M Gratz, C Ritter, U Bingel, M Schlamann, S Maderwald, HH Quick, CJ Merz, D Timmann, The cerebellum is involved in processing of predictions and prediction errors in a fear conditioning paradigm., eLife (2019)
  • Schmidt K, K Forkmann, H Schultz, M Gratz, A Bitz, K Wiech, U Bingel, Enhanced neural reinstatement for evoked facial pain compared to evoked hand pain., The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society (2019)
  • Rietsch SHG, S Brunheim, S Orzada, MN Voelker, S Maderwald, AK Bitz, M Gratz, ME Ladd, HH Quick, Development and evaluation of a 16-channel receive-only RF coil to improve 7T ultra-high field body MRI with focus on the spine., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2019)
  • Oehmigen M, ME Lindemann, M Gratz, R Neji, A Hammers, M Sauer, T Lanz, HH Quick, A dual-tuned 13 C/1 H head coil for PET/MR hybrid neuroimaging: Development, attenuation correction, and first evaluation., Medical physics (2018)
  • Oehmigen M, ME Lindemann, M Gratz, J Kirchner, V Ruhlmann, L Umutlu, JO Blumhagen, M Fenchel, HH Quick, Impact of improved attenuation correction featuring a bone atlas and truncation correction on PET quantification in whole-body PET/MR., European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (2017)
  • Brunheim S, M Gratz, S Johst, AK Bitz, TM Fiedler, ME Ladd, HH Quick, S Orzada, Fast and accurate multi-channel B1+ mapping based on the TIAMO technique for 7T UHF body MRI., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2017)
  • Lindemann ME, M Oehmigen, JO Blumhagen, M Gratz, HH Quick, MR-based truncation and attenuation correction in integrated PET/MR hybrid imaging using HUGE with continuous table motion., Medical physics (2017)
  • Orzada S, A Bitz, S Johst, M Gratz, M Völker, O Kraff, A Abuelhaija, T Fiedler, K Solbach, H Quick, M Ladd, Analysis of an integrated 8-Channel Tx/Rx body array for use as a body coil in 7-Tesla MRI, Frontiers in Physics (2017)
  • Rietsch SHG, S Orzada, AK Bitz, M Gratz, ME Ladd, HH Quick, Parallel transmit capability of various RF transmit elements and arrays at 7T MRI., Magnetic resonance in medicine (2017)
  • Goebel J, F Nensa, HP Schemuth, S Maderwald, M Gratz, HH Quick, T Schlosser, K Nassenstein, Compressed sensing cine imaging with high spatial or high temporal resolution for analysis of left ventricular function., Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI (2016)
  • Schmidt K, K Forkmann, C Sinke, M Gratz, A Bitz, U Bingel, The differential effect of trigeminal vs. peripheral pain stimulation on visual processing and memory encoding is influenced by pain-related fear., NeuroImage (2016)
  • Gratz M, M Schlamann, S Goericke, S Maderwald, HH Quick, Evaluation of fast highly undersampled contrast-enhanced MR angiography (sparse CE-MRA) in intracranial applications - initial study., European radiology (2016)
  • Goebel J, F Nensa, B Bomas, HP Schemuth, S Maderwald, M Gratz, HH Quick, T Schlosser, K Nassenstein, Real-time SPARSE-SENSE cardiac cine MR imaging: optimization of image reconstruction and sequence validation., European radiology (2016)
  • Wetter A, F Nensa, C Lipponer, N Guberina, T Olbricht, M Schenck, TW Schlosser, M Gratz, TC Lauenstein, High and ultra-high b-value diffusion-weighted imaging in prostate cancer: a quantitative analysis., Acta radiologica (Stockholm, Sweden : 1987) (2015)
  • Kraff O, M Gratz, K Beiderwellen, ME Ladd, MR Scanning: Principles Relevant to Hybrid Imaging, Molecular Anatomic Imaging: PET/CT, PET/MR and SPECT/CT (2015)
  • Grueneisen J, K Beiderwellen, P Heusch, M Gratz, A Schulze-Hagen, M Heubner, S Kinner, M Forsting, T Lauenstein, V Ruhlmann, L Umutlu, Simultaneous positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging for whole-body staging in patients with recurrent gynecological malignancies of the pelvis: a comparison to whole-body magnetic resonance imaging alone., Investigative radiology (2014)
  • Grueneisen J, K Beiderwellen, P Heusch, P Buderath, B Aktas, M Gratz, M Forsting, T Lauenstein, V Ruhlmann, L Umutlu, Correlation of standardized uptake value and apparent diffusion coefficient in integrated whole-body PET/MRI of primary and recurrent cervical cancer., PloS one (2014)
  • Beckert S, M Gratz, J Kullmann, D Enke, F Stallmach, Concentration-Dependent Self-Diffusion of Water in Aqueous Solutions of Lithium Chloride Confined to Porous Glasses, Appl Magn Reson (2013)
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  • Hertel S, M Wehring, S Amirjalayer, M Gratz, J Lincke, H Krautscheid, R Schmid, F Stallmach, NMR studies of benzene mobility in metal-organic framework MOF-5, The European Physical Journal Applied Physics (2011)
  • Gratz M, S Hertel, M Wehring, F Stallmach, P Galvosas, Mixture diffusion of adsorbed organic compounds in metal-organic frameworks as studied by magic-angle spinning pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance, New Journal of Physics (2011)
  • Gratz M, S Hertel, M Wehring, S Schlayer, F Stallmach, P Galvosas, MAS PFG NMR Studies of Mixtures in Porous Materials, AIP Conf. Proc. (2010)
  • Gratz M, M Wehring, P Galvosas, F Stallmach, Multidimensional NMR diffusion studies in microporous materials, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2009)
  • Gratz M, P Galvosas, Investigation of Molecular Exchange Using DEXSY with Ultra-High Pulsed Field Gradients, AIP Conf. Proc (2008)
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